Supply List

First Grade Supply List


          It’s really important to buy the brands, sizes, etc. that are on the list.  They were all chosen for a specific reason.


With Much Appreciation,

Bonnie and Lori


1. Glue sticks- 2 large size

   (Avery, Scotch, or Elmer’s because they stick the best.)

2. Two Boxes of Washable Markers-Crayola 10 Count Classic Colors

    (This is the box that contains pink and gray.)

Please buy the standard size markers not the skinny ones.


3. One Box of Crayons-Crayola Large 8 or 10 Count


4. One Box of Crayons-Crayola 24 Count


5. Pencils- One box (12 count) Ticonderoga #2 (already sharpened if       



6. Two White Plastic Erasers- Pentel or Staedtler (Mars Plastic)


7. Two Boxes of Colored Pencils-Crayola 12 count


8. Two Yellow Highlighters


9. Two Spiral Bound Wide Ruled Notebooks (70 page)


10. Sharpies - 2 Fine Point, 2 Ultra Fine Point (all black ink)


11. One four-pack of 3” x 3” Post-It notes


12. One package Dry Erase Markers (skinny ones any color)

13. One blue ball point pen

14. ½” binder (any color) for computer lab.



We have an art center that the children will use during free choice. We will always welcome donations of any left over art supplies such as stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners, etc.


The only items that need your child’s name on are the 2 spiral notebooks. Everything else gets put all together and distributed to the class as a whole and shared by all.  Target, Walmart or any office supply stores are fine for these supplies. Unfortunately, Dollar Stores items just do not work for us.

Please bring these items to school on the first day of school.


We are so excited to have your child in our first grade class. Thank you!